Thursday, December 29, 2005

Open Heart Surgery

They didn't really do the band tight enough. I was still getting really breathless and started showing signs of heart failure. They decided to go ahead and operate . They needed to close 2 holes, one large one in the atrium and one in the ventricles. They also had to take the band off the pulmonary artery. Mommy and daddy were confident it would be ok, there's a 99% success rate for the kind of operation I was having. I was in theatre for 5 hours, I did so well, a machine called a bypass kept the blood pumping around my body while they closed my holes. My grandpa gunter had a bypass once.

Luckily I didn't get an infection and was moved to Ladybird ward quite soon. Mommy and daddy took me for walks in a nearby park, they pushed me in a hospital pram, it reminded me of Mary Poppins... it had huge wheels and was so big i could've taken a friend along! I loved staring at the leaves in the trees, it was so nice to get some fresh air. We celebrated new year's eve in the ladybird ward, mommy and daddy had champagne and smoked salmon next to my bed, the nurse caught them but she didn't tell anyone. I went home after 8 days in hospital, I still had to take the diuretics.. just incase. My scar looks much bigger now, they cut over the first scar, but i don't mind because I'll be able to brag about it to my friends when I'm older.

Here are some pictures explaining what an asd and vsd are.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Nonna, Nonno and Elisa come for Christmas

We had such fun at Christmas. I loved staring at the lights on the christmas tree. Nonna, Nonno and Elisa played with me all the time and spoilt me rotten. Mommy cooked an english dinner for them, but i didn't have any because i'm still being fed by tube. I don't like food going anywhere near my mouth, i find it too difficult so i reject it, i turn away or shut my mouth. I know it stresses everyone out but i can't help it. I've lost my confidence, so it'll take some time.

Nonna played with me constantly. She makes me smile and laugh, I love all the attention. I miss them when they're gone. They live in italy, hope i see them again soon.