Thursday, April 30, 2009


Papa went to nursery today to meet with the SENCO and the educational psychologist. I have new goals now but overall I'm doing very well.

My speech is coming along great, I have 'classes' every day for 15 mins where the focus is purely on language. I'm to make more animal sounds to encourage more words.

Time also to focus on toilet training. I'll be nappy free for an hour both at nursery and at home. I'm quite aware now so it should work out.

My concentration has improved a lot, I engage in all activities at nursery for over 10 minutes at a time. I love cooking and playdough the most. My fine motor skills need a little more work, I need to learn to draw a full circle and an 'L' for Luca. I love drawing and painting so don't think those targets will be too hard to meet.

I have my developmental assessment tomorrow, to prepare my statement for when I go to school... so watch this space!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Celebrating food, because I can

I started eating orally in October 2006. I've just had a meal so thought I'd celebrate food, it's still such a novelty. For the first 15 months of my life I didn't eat or drink. I had breast milk but never tasted it, it went straight to my tummy via my nose.. avoiding all taste buds. You wouldn't believe it if you saw me today. You wouldn't believe I was once tube fed. I love raw broccoli. I love tomatoes. I love chicken. I love weetabix. I love liver. I love pasta with cheese. I love spinach. I love lamb. I drink water and milk. I use a fork and feed myself, I drink from a cup. I love the texture of food and I love the taste. I'll try everything once and so far there's nothing I haven't tried twice. I love sucking on lemons. Thanks to