Saturday, July 29, 2006


Daddy took me swimming today. It was a 'free for all' day in that we could do what we wanted. They made waves in the pool and also little showers here and there so daddy and i had loads of fun. The waves weren't too high, just high enough so we could bobble up and down. I was totally exhausted when i came home so had a little sleep, swimming really takes it out of me. I started my new milk today, it's much thicker than the other one so is slow going down the tube but the volume is less so doesn't take any longer. I'm also starting to have 30ml of water after every feed. That should help with my constipation.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Mommy and i went to greenland to meet Jane. She's from KIDS. they help families with children with special needs. Mommy needed help filling out the disability living allowance form. It could be quite hard for them to get it cos i'm so young and all young babies need special care. They have to prove that they do over and above what other parents do for their children. They're very strict and mommy's been warned they could say no.. that it's easier to claim when i'm a bit older. mommy's trying to be optimistic about it.

Food play

This is a picture of me after having some food play at home. I'm really tired in this picture so look a little drunk! Mommy put lots of nutella on the tray, also some yoghurt and all these plastic sea animals. I held a spoon with some yoghurt on it and did take a bit of food. If i'm in control of what's going into my mouth i feel better about it. If mommy tries to feed me with the spoon i get cross and try and take the spoon away from her. I don't mind being messy though, that's a positive thing. I had a nice bath after this!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Italy cont... cont...!

After Andy's wedding we drove to Macerata for Tobia and Wanda's wedding. It was another long drive (about 5 hours), i was really good in the car though, i slept a bit and mommy and daddy stopped every now and then so we could all stretch our legs. When we got to Macerata Tobia met us... he gave us his brother's apartment to stay in, we had it all to ourselves! It was amazing, so big and really gorgeous. Thank you Simone! (that's tobia's brother).

The wedding was the following day. It was in the most gorgeous church, right near where Tobia's parents live. Wanda looked beautiful and i thought Tobia also looked really smart. I got a bit restless during the ceremony but all i needed was a little walk to calm me down. There were loads of other kids there for me to look at and babble to.

The reception was at tobia's mom and dad's house. I think they've got the best view in Macerata! The house is really amazing... and the food was good too, so mommy says. I don't think mommy's ever had bad food in italy! There was a band playing really authentic italian music, the atmosphere was great. Everyone loved me so much... i had so many women coming up and saying 'bellissimo... grande'... it was very funny! I loved it cos i got to flirt, i love flirting!

The day after the wedding we went for lunch with Tobia and Wanda. They took us for a walk around Macerata old town. It was really beautiful, but very, very hot. We were all sweating a lot. But i'm glad we saw it.

After the wedding we drove to Porto San Giorgio, we followed Tobia and Wanda in their car. It's by the seaside. We stayed in Tobia's holiday home there. I got to have a swim in the sea with daddy.. we had to go early in the morning though cos it was too hot for me to stay on the beach. it was about 38 degrees!! It was good fun there, we all slept a lot, i think it was cos of the heat.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Italy cont...

Daddy went to collect our hired car. They stuffed up our order so we got an upgrade! we went from ordering the cheapest car to getting a nice, big family car.. yeeeeehaaaaa! Thank god cos we had so much stuff. We drove for 5 hours to tuscany to go to andy's wedding. It was a long drive but we had such a cool car we didn't care! The wedding was in a little place called monticchiello. We had a pre-dinner at a restaurant in the main square. It was noisy inside so mommy and daddy took it in turns looking after me outside.

We stayed in a gorgeous little place in monticchiello, i even had my own cot! There were lots of mosquitoes but luckily they only liked mommy's blood and not mine. We went for walks around the little village before the wedding.

We had andy's wedding the next day. She looked beautiful, like a real princess. The ceremony was in a beautiful church, then we all drove to teri de nano for the reception. The views were amazing, apparently the food was great (i wouldn't know!) and the company was perfect. I had a great time. Mommy had a very late night, it was her turn to party... daddy was going to get his chance at the next wedding!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


I went to italy for the first time. it was so hot, i don't think we'll go again in july or august time. We went to milan first. I celebrated my first birthday there, the 18th July. I got lots of lovely presents and everyone had a delicious lunch. Mommy bought me an ice-cream birthday cake, in the hope i'd have a bit. I didn't want any though, mommy sneaked some into my mouth when i wasn't looking. tut. Nonna bought me my own little chair to sit in, how cool is that?

I had a great time with nonna, nonno and elisa. Mommy and daddy went out the one night and left me with nonna. They found a bar and guess what it was called.. 'Luca's bar'.!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006


We go to italy tomorrow so i'm missing swimming next week. I made the most of this session though, daddy put me right under the water 3 times... i didn't love it, but didn't hate it either.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stuart takes me to therapies

Stuart took me to feeding therapy and hydrotherapy today. I think he enjoyed it as much as i did! He really knows how to get down to my level. He left his swimming costume behind though so someone else had to take me into the pool, but i didn't mind at all.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


My new dietician came to our house today. She's given us new milk. Because i'm not eating solids yet i have to have milk that's more nutritious and complete. It's on prescription so mommy and daddy won't have to pay for it, it'll also be delivered to the house when they need it. I have to try one milk for a month, then if i tolerate it we'll change to another milk. The good thing about it is mommy and daddy won't have to feed me so much and as often because it has a higher volume of calories. that'll leave more time for them to do food play with me and physiotherapy.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Barium meal

I had to have a barium meal today. It's the second test they're doing to see how bad my reflux is before i get a gastrostomy. They put this liquid down my tube and took xrays, we could all see the liquid in my tummy, it was really weird. The liquid only came up once but i didn't vomit. After the test we got called into another room, we weren't expecting it. My paediatrician had arranged for me to have scans, to try and find my testes. He found both of them, they are in the same place, both undescended. I'll probably have to have an operation, so long as the anatomy is ok and no tubes are blocked. Let's hope there are no major issues there.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Care plan meeting

Mommy and daddy had my care plan meeting today at greenland. All my therapists discussed what our goals were and what we want to achieve, and if there was anything that they were unhappy with. It went well, mommy's asked for more one-on-one sessions with Tim, my speech and language therapist. She's worried about my feeding issues, there's not much progress being made. I'm not ready to eat yet though, but think it stresses everyone out. I'm not stressed about it all... i'm getting fed and that's the main thing.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I'm still working on my crawling. mommy has to put me on all fours and bring my legs right under my tummy. I can't stand that position. I didn't enjoy this session, it was too much hard work... I moaned a lot... Katherine stopped the class early (phew!).

Monday, July 03, 2006

Visit to my paediatrician

Mommy and daddy took me to see my paediatrican this afternoon. He had a look at me. He's a bit worried about my testes, one is undescended and he can't find the other one. Mommy and daddy were told ages ago by the geneticist that one had definitely descended so they're a bit confused.

Mommy goes back to work

Mommy decided to hire stuart. He came to look after me today while mommy went to work. I was fine, i didn't cry for her once! Mommy leaves the house at 7am while i'm still sleeping, then daddy wakes me for my first feed. Stuart arrives at 9am when daddy leaves for work. The morning goes so quickly, mommy's home by 2pm already. Mommy missed me a lot today, but i'm sure she'll get used to it. at least it's not for the whole day.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Went swimming with daddy again today. they put arm bands on us, just to get a feel of floating. the teacher doesn't really believe in them cos she thinks kids become too dependent on them, but she wanted to see how we'd cope with a little bit of extra support. They didn't make much difference to me, i'm too young for them to make a difference really. i really enjoyed the swim though, i look forward to my lessons so much.