Saturday, July 28, 2007

To the manor born

We went to Oxford today to see Se and Olly. Se's the one who helped mom with my birthday cupcakes. Wow, what an amazing day! Their garden is about 100 times biggers than my local park... it's amazing. I loved it, ran around like mad. They've got a black labrador called Boris. I've seen dogs in parks and things but never up close. He was brilliant, made me laugh a lot, especially when he wacked me with his tail! Boris and i spent quite a bit of time together.. he's great with little'uns. We went to a park down the road from Olly's house. I went on the swings (which i don't like very much, they make me feel sick)... the see-saw. Mom on one side, dad with me on the other, mom was a bit nervous she'd weigh more than me and dad but luckily that wasn't the case! The slide was the best bit, i LOVE slides.

I had such a fun day and hope i dream of boris tonight. Unfortunately i didn't get a pic of him. :-(

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

... i hope you like your presents. You haven't opened them yet cos mom and i are waiting for you to come home from work. I did make your card though... i used lots of colours and it looks pretty cool. It was made with love.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Birthday celebrations

What chaos today was. Had about 30 people around for a bbq to celebrate my birthday. Mom said no presents... i can understand why cos i have lots of things and i'm not really aware yet. But i got some really nice clothes, a really cool train that spells out my name and some speech dvds. I also got play dough and an incey wincey spider game. i love the song... sure i'll love the game too.

not many pics to post. mom only took a few, think it was a bit busy.

i had fun though once i relaxed. i woke up from a sleep to find about 10 people in my home. Was a bit overwhelmed at first but i soon relaxed. It was like having 2 birthday's, one on wednesday and one on saturday!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Bad night

I was up from around 11.30pm till 2.30am, crying and crying. I just felt horrible. Mom worked from home today so she could take me to the doctor, there's nothing majorly wrong with me. I've got a cough and if it doesn't clear up soon i'll have to have antibiotics. I'm just not feeling myself, that's all.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm not 100%

I went to have my developmental assessment today. I was not in the mood though, at all! it's been postponed. Good decision or else the assessment wouldn't be accurate. I don't like assessments, feel like a performing monkey!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Who's the birthday boy?

.. I am of course!!!! I'm 2 today. i can't believe it! I've done a lot in those 2 years, i've had 4 general anaesthetics, 2 heart surgeries, testes descended, teeth done... i've learnt how to walk, how to eat, best of all... i know how to love, didn't have to learn how to do that.

I had a really good time at nursery school today. Mom and se made cupcakes for everyone. They looked really nice but a bit too rich, think they should've held back on the icing a bit. but it was a good effort all the same.

Happy birthday to me!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007


i have a doggy puppet called ciro. we bought him in austria, as a souvenir. I love him, he's cool. he puts on a show for me, he hides behind the lounge door. I get so excited i have to run and find him, but i find mom there instead?

Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm all smiles

I had my teeth done yesterday under general anaesthetic. She did a really good job. My top front teeth are looking nice and white and not jagged anymore. She's re-built my back teeth with special silver stuff and put a flouride treatment on my bottom front teeth. Her work should last until the tooth fairy pays me a visit, and hopefully that'll be my last general anaesthetic for a few years at least. Won't that be nice! I'm not even 2 and i've had 4 of them, some people don't even have one in a lifetime... then again.. i'm not 'some people', i'm special!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

getting there...

i'm still coughing a bit. i went to great ormond street today for a pre-op check up. I'm meant to be having some crowns put on my teeth on thursday. Not sure i'll be having it done though... if the anaesthetist doesn't think i'm well enough it will be cancelled. Hope i am well enough cos my teeth are hurting me, i'm constantly putting my hands in my mouth, trying to soothe them. doesn't work though.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm poorly

I started getting a temperature on sunday night, then yesterday i thought i was getting better... only to start shivering uncontrollably and my arms, legs, lips and finger nails went all purple. Mom and dad took me to hospital. I seemed to be a bit better when i got there though. They had to get a urine sample from me, well, i was sat on dad's lap for 2 hours with a bottle held by my winkie.. when i did wee mom and dad screamed with excitement, you'd think they'd won the lottery.

they also took a mouth swab, get results on thursday. I was meant to go to great ormond street for a dental check up but mom cancelled. I'm having my teeth done under general anaesthetic next thursday and they tried to cancel it too. Mom asked them to at least wait until we get the results on thursday... cos will be ages before i get another appointment.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

i want MORE

I've learnt how to sign 'more'. I don't do it exactly right, but i'm not far off. it's great, every time i sign it mom gives me 'more' food. That's all i've used it for so far.. must think of other ways to use it. Like 'more' hugs and kisses, 'more' stories... uhm.

As soon as i've learnt to say the word 'more', i'll drop the sign. Isn't that amazing? Now mom must teach me the sign for yogurt cos that's my fave at the moment.