Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Feeding therapy

Had another feeding therapy session today. It's pretty much like the first one, i really enjoy it. Everyone's really nice and patient. It's good because it gives Tim a chance to see how i am around food. He can see that i bring my hands up to my face as a form of defence when someone tries to feed me. The only thing mommy can do for me is food play. I don't mind playing with food. I also don't mind having a messy face and messy hands, that's a good sign. I just don't like eating it! in fact, i like putting everything in my mouth except food!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

My first swimming lesson

Mommy found a pool not far from home where we can go swimming every saturday morning at 8.30am. Daddy's going to take me but mom will watch. My class goes up till the age of 2. we play in the shallow water with toys and have a splash about, then we go to the deeper water, the swimming teacher shows daddy what to do with me. She said i'm a natural and was really impressed with how relaxed i am in the water. I love kicking my legs and making a splash. Sometimes daddy makes me go right under the water, when i come back out he laughs and jokes, i think it's to stop me from crying or panicking. After the swim we all go sit in the jacuzzi to have a chat and warm up a bit. the jacuzzi isn't very hot though, it's the temperature of my bath water at home.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


I am getting good at putting my arms out to stop me from falling. I have to lean forward when i'm sitting, Katherine suggested using the blue vibrating snake for me to hold on to. That would encourage me not to fall back, it's meant to be better if i fall forwards. Katherine thinks i'm going to be a bum shuffler. Bum shufflers walk later than crawlers. This is because crawlers need their hands to explore, so will stand quicker.. bum shufflers already have their hands free so are in no rush to get walking! Mommy and daddy don't really care when i walk, so long as i walk sometime that's the main thing.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Are we moving house?

We all went to see a house that mommy and daddy are thinking of buying. I like it, my room's really small but it'll do for now. Let's hope it goes through and we can move in sometime soon. It'll be nice for mommy and daddy to own their own place. I'd be moving from camden borough to islington borough. Maggie who supplies all the tubes for me said that islington is a better borough for children with special needs. I think they're both good, as long as we stay in one or the other, they both have good reputations.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Maja's birthday

It's my cousin Maja's birtday today. She's 3. She lives in Zimbabwe. I haven't met her yet but i hope i do soon. It's horrible being so far away from all my cousins but London's the best place for me right now cos i get so much help and support. Her mommy (aunty sandy) is pregnant and is going to give Maja a brother or sister. Happy birthday Maja!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Feeding Therapy

I had my first feeding therapy today. Tim's my speech and language therapist, he's really fun! We sing a hallo song to everyone, they do sign-language at the same time, i found that really interesting cos i've never seen sign language before. We sing 'old macdonald had a farm..' and we have to dig out animals that they've hidden in jelly. Mommy has to guide my hand to reach though, the jelly's quite stiff and i'm not quite sure what to do. Then they stimulate my oral area. Tim has a vibrating thing that looks like a snake. I love biting into it and it wakes up my mouth and tongue! Mommy even bought me one off the internet cos she could see i liked it so much. Tim told us a story about a bear hunt. it was really good.. these kids sneak out at night and go hunting for bears. On the way they come to grass.. but they can't go under it or over it, they have to go THROUGH it, then Tim holds a bowl of lettuce in front of us to touch and taste. I like chewing on it but if any breaks off on my tongue i spit it out. Then the kids come to a river... they can't go under it or over it, they have to go THROUGH it. Tim holds out a bowl of water for us to touch and feel, i love water, i recognise it from swimming and my bath times. THEN they come to mud, they can't go under it or over it, they have to go THROUGH it.. this is the best part cos we get to eat melted chocolate, it's very messy and i get chocolate all over me but it's worth it! Then it snows and we get to touch marshmallows, they're all squishy and sticky.. i don't like them much. The story ends when they find the bear and tim growls at us with a teddy bear... it doesn't scare me though, i don't think tim growls like a real bear.. but don't tell him i said that ;-)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Had another physio session. Katherine's really pleased that i'm sitting! Now i have to learn how to put my arms out to stop me from falling over. I also have to learn to reach for toys, i hate that... i prefer it when mom just gives them to me. If mommy makes me sit and i don't want to, i throw myself back, she has to stop me doing that.. really don't know how she'll manage cos it comes so naturally to me. Katherine put me on a gym ball on my tummy and rolled me towards the ground, i didn't put my arms out so that's another thing we have to work on. I like pushing myself along the floor on my back, because of my low muscle tone i learn how to compensate. I'd find the easiest route to do things if i could, but mommy and Katherine are trying to teach me to do things properly. I'll fight them as much as i can though, i'm quite stubborn when it comes to my movement. Why make things harder for yourself?