Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Italy with papa

The best bit about going to Italy is flying in an aeroplane. When I see one in the sky I always want to fly in it. Anyway, on Friday morning we went out to the centre of Milan to buy books and papa bought some sunglasses. That afternoon I went to the park with papa, nonna and nonno and played football and frisbee and cooled myself down in the fountain.

On Saturday nonno and Elisa took me to the lido, had a swim and played with all the other toddlers. On Monday morning papa and I went for a walk on the navigli and met up with Lorenzo for an icecream. I like Lorenzo, have met him a few times before, hoping to see him in August when I go for my summer holiday.

I ate lots of good food, as usual, my favourite being nonno's home-made pesto pasta.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Challenging times ahead

My visual perception is very, very bad. I may also be colour blind and will need to be tested. Things will be tough for me at school but I'll do my best and will remember to focus on things I love to do, as well as things I can't. I know the school I'm going to uses the phonic system for reading and writing, so that's good. :)

Visual perception is the ability to recognise, interpret and organise visual images.

Pupils who have difficulties in this area may have:
* a poor sense of direction
* difficulties with organisational skills
* reverse words in both reading and spelling (eg. saw for was)
* difficulty understanding abstract maths concepts, paticularly in the areas of shape, space and measure
* problems with comparative language (eg. taller than, shorter than, longer than)
* difficulty completing jigsaw puzzles
* problems with copying from the board
* problems with interpreting and organising diagrams, charts, graphs, maps and other * visual methods of recording
* difficulties judging speed and distance
* difficulty with letter and number orientation
* difficulty with structuring and organising written work
* strengths in logic, verbal and non-verbal reasoning
* enjoyment in using multisensory strategies when learning
* a preference for a phonic approach to learning to read
* a preference to use audio methods of recording information.