Friday, February 23, 2007

Fed myself today!

I go to makaton play sessions every Friday. We sing songs and do different activities. At the end of the session we all share a snack together. Today Stuart gave me a wafer biscuit. I looked at the other kids in the class eating theirs, it looked really easy so i gave it a bash. I ate the whole thing, all by myself. Stuart couldn't believe his eyes. I'm not really meant to have sugar though so don't think i'll be eating many wafer biscuits in the future. Mommy gave me a banana to munch on when she got home. I ate a bit of it but it felt really soft so i just squished up the rest. Feeding yourself is good fun, i recommend it.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Helen gives me new goals

Helen from KIDS came this afternoon. She's set me new goals. I've already achieved one of them... i can now put the objects on the stacking ring. I've been taking them off for a while, but now I'm putting them on too.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Genius or flook?

When mommy got home from work i heard stuart telling her that i know my colours. i'm a baby still so mom was quite shocked and thought stuart was talking b)(*^& cks! she tested me though, she held different coloured objects in front of me, saying their colour first... then she told me to pick the colour she said. well i did it.. every time?! am i genius or is it flook? not sure that's how you spell 'flook' but nevermind.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Like my picture?

This is the first picture I've ever drawn in my life. I picked the colour and everything. I think it's magic how the colour comes out the other end of the pen, just like that. Mommy's going to keep it forever.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Should boys wear tights?

I wear them if we're going out and it's cold outside. I thought tights were just for girls... but i do like them, they keep me warm and the cold air can't creep up my jeans and make my legs cold.

The first of many?

I had a little bump yesterday. I cried cos it was sore. Mommy picked me up to give me a cuddle and saw that i dribbled a bit of blood on her shirt. Because i've had heart surgery there's a risk i can get Endocarditis from a cut in my mouth. Endocarditis attacks the heart valves. The risk isn't high, it's just higher for heart children. I had to go to hospital and have antibiotics. They gave me one shot through a cannula, then i had the second shot orally at home. I also have to have antibiotics before i go to the dentist. There's lots of bacteria in the mouth.

Mommy wants to try and get some in powder form to keep at home. I'm a boy so sure there'll be other times when i bite my lip or whatever from falling. Especially now that i'm learning to walk.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Welcome to the world Elliot

This is Elliot. I met him today for the first time. He's only a month old. Isn't he beautiful? He's too young to play with right now, but soon enough I'll be able to.

So not a morning person

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Don't underestimate me

Feeding is easy. I sit back and mommy or daddy feed me. I don't have to work for it, all i have to worry about is chewing and swallowing. Well, last night i picked up a pasta piece and took it to my mouth, i licked it, then put it back down. Mommy nearly fell off her chair? Ok, admittedly she'd never seen me do that before... but it was easy, nothing to write home about. Mommy asked if she could have some, i didn't mind sharing my dinner so i fed her about 6 pastas. I also picked up my bottle and took that to my mouth for the first time. That was also easy, i didn't get any milk out cos apparently i have to tilt the bottle, bit of an inconvenience really. Don't underestimate me mom, i can do more than you think!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Developmental Assessment

I had my developmental assessment. Apparently i'm a 12 month old developmentally, but i'm 18 months now. The first 6/7 months of my life were spent on a couch, i barely moved and i didn't eat. My progress has been very rapid, but i've still not caught up. Mommy and daddy think i'm doing great... i can only do my best, and only do what i can do. Things are a bit harder for me, all these things i have to learn how to do... it can get quite overwhelming. I like to do it in my time, at my pace and my way.

White stuff

I woke up this morning and mommy took me outside. Everything was white! I smiled and laughed when i saw it cos it was the last thing i expected to see. It's called snow.
I like snow. One day i'm going to build a mini me out of it.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm a big boy now

.. i get to sit in a forward facing car seat. How cool is that?

we went to great ormond street to have my teeth checked out. i am losing enamel but not serious yet, they can fix them laters.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cicilia and Tobia

Cicilia and Tobia visited from italy. Cicilia's a bit older than me, tobia is a newborn, he's a tiny baby. I can't believe i used to be that small. We went out for lunch, it was great, i got to sit next to Cicilia and we had crayons and paper to draw with. Of course, i preferred tearing the paper up, throwing the napkins, knives and forks on the floor. Mommy spent more time under the table picking stuff up than sitting eating at it. Oh how i love to watch mommy pick things up after me. It's a great game!

Look.. I'm a star

watch the movie.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Loo roll

Hey guys, it's really cool.. when you pull on the end of a loo roll all the paper comes off it... it just piles higher and higher, to almost your height... then all you're left with is a cardboard tube. Now that's really good fun too, you can look through it, play ball with it or even tear it up!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I've reached my goals!

Helen came from KIDS, i've now reached all my goals and time to set new ones. I'm doing great! Developmentally i'm not far behind at all, more so in self help cos i'm not feeding myself yet.. i've only been eating 3 months so that'll come.

Here are my old goals:
Social skills
i have to learn to let go of a toy when i'm asked to (DONE!)
I'll roll a car or a toy to another person, take part in a game (DONE!)

Cognitive and play skills
I have to learn to put objects into containers. (EASY PEASY)
I must find an object hidden under a container. (DONE THAT!)
I must transfer an object to another hand so that i can pick up another object. (NO PROBLEM THERE!)
I must press a button/switch to operate a toy. (YES!)
I must take the stacking rings off the pole (DO THAT WITH EASE)

Motor skills - i must use my pincer grip to pick up small objects (I'M A PRO)
I must stir dry pasta/beans with a spoon or shovel. (YEP!)

I must look at a familiar object when named or signed e.g. mommy. (YEP)

What can i say?