Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My toilet training (or lack of) was mostly discussed today. Nursery have been taking me to the toilet every hour, to sit there and hope that something happens. Well, I'm going entire days now without going to the toilet which is not very good or healthy. Goals are to try and increase my fluid intake during the day and not to take me to the toilet every hour, but to let me go on my own, if I want to. It's about me having some control over it. I don't like going to the toilet at home, so mabye this goal will change that.

My rough play is still an ongoing issue. Well, I'm not rough intentionally, I just love physical contact. I'm quite a big boy for my age so I tend to hurt people without realising. I am very sensitive though, if they are sad I will cuddle them. But if I see someone kneeling down outside, that is a green light for me to run and jump on them and tackle them. Some of my friends enjoy that, but not everyone does. I have to learn to respect people's space a little more.

Nursery will be in touch with my primary school to arrange a visit, nearer the transition time. The SENCO at my primary school will also be invited to my final IEP, this will also give her a chance to observe me.

My speech is coming along well. I've now got the hang of the colour blue, now I'm going to learn all about the colour red.

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Posh Totty said...

Hi Luca, tell mummy that is she needs a chat about your toilet training to get in touch ;o)