Thursday, September 17, 2009

Statement for school

I start school in January 2010 and my statement is soon to be finalised. Everyone submitted their reports about what support they thought I'd need. Mommy wrote one, the CDT wrote one and nursery did too. Mommy and Papa met with the council to discuss the statement. He told them that he sees many statements and feels that I seem to be one of the few children that has improved so much and will continue to, which can only be a good thing. He summarised the report and this is the support I'll have on a weekly basis:

A language development programme which is drawn up with advice from the Language and Communication Team. I need a sctructured approach to communicating using a total communication approach, including Makaton, photos and pictures to support my understanding and expression as appropriate.

Support for the development of my early basic skills including literacy and numeracy. There should be adaptation of the curriculum to meet my specific learning needs. Tasks will need to be broken into small steps with the use of repetition, visual cues and multi-sensory learning to reinforce information.

Individual and small group work to develop my attention control. I need a teaching environment that provides a consistent and structured approach to learning, with the use of visual cues and timetables to support my understanding. There should be consideration of the environment from a sensory perspective, such as limiting the amount of noise to improve my ability to concentrate and offering regular movement breaks, in order to maximise my learning.

Regular opportunities for individual and small group work to develop my social skills. I need adult support for the development of my play skills and to guide my social skills.

Activities and exercises across the curriculum to further develop my self care, motor and co-ordination skills which incorporate the advice of the occupational therapist and physiotherapist as appropriate.

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